Dr. David Miller
Summit Equine
Veterinary Services

Diagnostic Modalities

Diagnostic Modalities are used to image the identified structure which is of concern.  Diagnostic modalities enhance or confirm the diagnosis made by the clinician.  The use of diagnostic imaging equipmnent does not replace a thorough exam by a competent experienced clinician, especially when dealing with equine sports related issues.  Dr. Miller has extensive experience evaluating horses from a multitude of diciplines including racing (standardbreds and thoroughbreds,) hunter-jumpers, western performance, hackney ponies, gaited horses, arabian show and endurance horses, draft horses,  general performance and pleasure.  Following are some of the modalities offered by Dr. Miller and Summit Equine Veterinary Services.

It is important to remember that the most important diagnostic tool is practical clinical experience.  This is necessary in order to corrolate clinical findings with diagnostic imaging.

Digital Radiography
:  Computer enhanced radiographs are available for immediate viewing.  Using this technology, almost the entire body can be easily radiographed at the clinic or at the stable.  The images are also available for electronic transfer in the event that consultation or referrral is required.

Digital Ultrasonography:  Computer enhanced diagnostic imaging of soft tissue structures including tendons. Ligaments, joint capsules, muscle, and fluid-filled masses.

Endoscopy:   A flexible endoscope is used to evaluate the nasaal passages, larynx, pharynx, gutteral pouches,  and the upper or lower airway.  This is most useful for diagnosing respiratory noises, shortness of breath, chronic respiratory infections.  Endoscopy is also useful for evaluation of poor performance.

Acupuncture:  Many people consider acupuncture for therapeutic purposes only.  However, acupuncture point reactivity correlates with imbalance of energy flow through the meridian on which it lies.  This in turn is suggestive of problems in specific anatomical locations.  This is particularly useful in situations where the clinical signs are subtle.

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